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What is CRM system, ERP system, Business Process Management (BPM)

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What is a CRM system?

CRM system is the software for organization and automation of work with customers. Abbreviation of CRM –  Customer Relationship Management. CRM systems are designed to maintain a database of appeals to potential customers, organization of work with existing customers, the organization and automation of sales departments and marketing.

In general, the CRM-system:

  • stores and processes the entire database of existing customers;
  • provides employees with an interface to manage clients, their tasks, segmentation. Usually the interface is designed for sales managers and marketing specialists;
  • accepts various flows of leads (new requests from potential customers);
  • automates repetitive operations with the customer base, such as sending an SMS or letter, reminders of a call or meeting;
  • allows you to do analytics on the above data.

CRM-systems have different purposes:

Sales Management : the sales manager sees his customers and the tasks he has to do in relation to each customer.

Marketing automation: organization of lid flows, heating lids, automation of mails, triggering letters, etc.

Loyalty program automation: each client is identified, a bonus program is built. Customer identification can be done in various ways: from mobile phones to plastic cards, face recognition, etc.

Organization of call-centers or customer support systems: processing incoming calls from clients, generation of outgoing messages, further processing of clients’ requests (tickets).

ERP is a transaction system built on operations. The main task of ERP is to accurately record data. For example, a “write off” operation is a specific transaction. Unlike CRM systems, ERP operates with accurate data. In ERP there can be no operation of sending to the warehouse with inaccurate quantity of goods. Further analysis and processes are built on the data. Please contact us if you are interested in crm development company

What is BPM or business process management?

BPM is a mechanism for managing company business processes. The BPM concept assumes that all actions performed by employees can and should be systematized and transferred to electronic business processes. Every action is a business process with pre-defined instructions and steps.

BPM is a modern analogue of job descriptions and functional responsibilities in the enterprise.

Every employee knows which business processes or parts of business processes he is responsible for. Since these business processes are electronic and the work in the BPM system is carried out based on them – the employee doesn’t have to read a paper instruction all the time, the BPM system prompts the employee itself.

When automating business processes the BPM system is forced to integrate with CRM and ERP. 

For example, customer cards are taken from CRM and shipping operations are initiated in ERP. 

For example:

  • an employee clicks to ship goods in the BPM interface at a certain stage of the transaction (business process);
  • the customer card with his data is taken from the CRM;
  • an order is sent to the ERP for the required goods to be shipped;
  • the results of the transaction are shown to the employee on the screen.
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